Why Natua

Our mission is to bring specialized, maximum quality products to shelves in the best stores in the sector. To do this, our products do not only contain high.quality pet foods, but also contain ourselves.
Discover the values in which we believe allow us to continually improve.
Day after day, product after product.

1. Passion

Passion is the principle value that has pushed us to create a line of foods for our life long companions that brighten and make every moment unforgettable.

2. Experience

We are a new company but formed by people, that in many cases, have had 40 years of experience in the world of pet food. This experience has driven us to present high-quality products developed together with the best global sources. This knowledge is now expressed in our Natua dog and cat food.

3. Process

Our suppliers guarantee a rapid work cycle allowing us perfect maintenance of ingredient palatability. Many of our products are also worked by hand.

4. Quality

Our products are prepared with choice raw materials originating from the best global sources. We use only the most valuable chicken and tuna pieces, that have head, skin, spine, and innards discarded when worked.

5. Sustainability

We love animals and we love nature. We exert ourselves to better the health of pets while at the same time improving the environment with our speciaized initiatives towards the safeguarding of nature.

6. Transparency

To ensure the highest quality products we exclusively buy stock from suppliers who utilize efficient tracking systems, which is the only way for us to reach maximum transparency.

We have a single objective: fill your bowls with the best ingredients available

Thanks to our experience we always choose the best ingredients and prepare them with care, to provide our four-legged friends the right nutitional distribution, without ever forgetting flavor.